Two Fathers (Cantonese) - 兩個爸爸
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Seven years ago, two men were notified that the women they both dated had disappeared after giving birth to a baby girl. Not knowing who the father was, the two bachelors decided to raise the baby together. Tang Xiang Xi, the smooth-talking lawyer, and Wen Zhen Hua, the sensitive florist, and the young Tang Wen Di make up a non-traditional family. Their unique living arrangement attracts the attention of the girl's pigheaded teacher and their reclusive next door neighbor.

唐翔希是一位辯才無礙的明星律師,而溫振華是一位溫暖細膩的花店老闆。 兩個黃金單身漢卻因一通來自醫院的電話,徹底改變了他們的人生。原來兩人曾共同愛上的女人,在醫院留下一名女嬰後從此消失…
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