In A Good Way (Cantonese) - 我的自由年代
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Lin Jia En returns to Taiwan from abroad in 2005 as an successful women. She starts to think back of 1995 when she receives an invitation from the college club she once belong to.

During the summer of 1995 childhood friends Zheng Ren Wei (Jay Shih) and Lin Jia En took their college entrance exam together. Jia En who hasalways been a good student and had better grades then Ren Wei failed her exam while Ren Wei who has never been a good student passes his examand gets into the Taipei college he wants to attend. Ren Wei dream of attending a college in Taipei is to live and exciting city life in the big city. Bored without her friend longer in the small village they livein, Jia En goes to Taipei to find Ren Wei

That year she follows her childhood friend Zheng Ren Wei who is attending college to Taipei, even though she didn't get accepted into any colleges school in hopes that he had missed her too. But he is overwhelmed with excitement being away from country life and meeting newgirls. Going to school to finish her high school year in Taipei she works part-time jobs to support herself. While visiting Ren Wei at his college she meets Liu Shan Feng (Lego Li) who is quite popular with the girls, but he shows an interest in Jia En and becomes a major influence in her life. However Shan Feng mysteriously disappears during his final college years. In 2005 Jia En tries to find out why Shan Feng left without telling anyone and what he has been up to all these years