Devilish Joy (Cantonese) - 愛情失咗憶
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Would you choose to love someone you could never remember?  
Gong Ma Sung grew up in a difficult life and experienced some hardships, yet still made joy from it. He is the successor to the Sunwoo company and excels in anything to do with the cranial nerve. From his difficulties, he is respected and looked up to as a brilliant man. One day, his kindness destroys his life. Whilst trying to help a woman in trouble, he gets into an accident and life completely changes. He loses the ability to remember, his memory only limited to one day. Now, before he goes to sleep and forgets everything, he notes all events from that one day, for the next. He wakes up with no recollection of the past, and reads back on his notes to memorize. 

His life changes further when he meets Joo Gi Bbeum, a once popular star, who was a celebrity and entertainer loved by all. She is not as revered as she once was, having going through a horrible experience that shaped who she is in the present, ruined her confidence and destroyed her future. 

When they meet, Gong Ma sung falls in love with her and a connection is formed but how do you develop a love when every day seems like the beginning? 

天才醫生孔馬成 一次車禍後患上“灰姑娘記憶障礙”,他的記憶只能持續了一天。 每晚寫下當天發生在他身上的事情,到第二天,他記住發生的一切。一天他突然產生荒唐的記憶與前著名女演員周喜悅並墜入愛河。