Ultraman Geed (Cantonese) - 超人捷德
RikuAsakura is a teenager with no knowledge of his past, save being found near an astronomical observatory as a baby following a universe-wide cataclysm called the Crisis Impact. When a giant monster destroys his home, Riku and his alien roommate Pega stumble upon a secret base 500 meters under Earth. Riku learns he is an Ultraman in human form and is given the ability to use the Geed Riser transformation device and Ultra Capsules—items that each contain a fragment of an Ultraman's power—by base's operating system RE.M. to become Ultraman Geed to save everyone. But Riku later learns that he is the son of the instigator of the CrisisImpact: Ultraman Belial.

Decidingto fight against fate, he is joined by monster hunter Laiha Toba, AIB agent Moa Aizaki, and office worker Leito Igaguri, who becomes the host of Belial's nemesis Ultraman Zero. Riku soon learns that the monsters hefaces are Fusion Rise forms of Kei Fukuide, who seeks those who are hosts to unformed Ultra Capsules called Little Stars. During the fight with Kei, the secret behind Riku's birth and Belial's grand plan will gradually came to light

受到怪獸骷髏哥摩拉襲擊,朝倉陸與外星夥伴貝加逃跑時,發現了祕密基地「星雲莊」。基地的管理系統蕾姆將「Geed Riser」與「Ultra 膠囊」交予陸,令他可變身成超人捷德。