Neko Samurai: Tamanojo Goes to Edo (Cantonese) - 貓侍前傳: 玉之丞萌翻江戶
TV Series
A prequel of the story about the legendary samurai and one cat.
InEdo era, there was a legendary samurai named Kyutaro Madarame who are feared as a “Madara the Devil”. He was somehow hired for killing a cat named Tamanojo. Just before Kyutaro slash on Tamanojo, he realizes that Tamanojo looking into his eyes and said “meow”. But why?
Inthis film, you will know the background of Tamanojo. How did he survivein harsh Edo era? Who was his first owner? Who had he met before he started living with Kyutaro.You will face the true story about Tamanojo.