Painless - The Eyes for Signs (Cantonese) - 無痛 - 診療之眼
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The storyline was based off the novel Mutsu by Yo Kusakabe. Eisuke Tameyori (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is a middle-aged private practice physician (general practitioner.) He has the ability to diagnose someone's condition just by looking at them. He is also able to recognize people who will commit crimes in the future by looking for certain symptoms, which he calls 'The markers of Criminal Intent'. Aftermeeting Detective Junichiro Hayase (Atsushi Ito), they soon work together to solve cases.

《無痛 - 診療之眼》改遍自日本現役醫生既小說家久坂部羊創作的醫療題材犯罪懸疑小說。人稱「神之診察眼」的天才醫生為賴英介,由於認識刑事早瀨順一郎而找到生存的意義——協助犯罪搜查!