Til Love Do Us Lie - 結·分@謊情式
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KAN YIK BO (Kiki Sheung) has always considered herself as an extraordinary woman. However because of her sudden resignation, she turned from a strong businesswoman to a regular housewife. Her husband SUEN KA ON (Eddie Cheung) may face a layoff from his company and feels pressured after learning he'll be the sole financial support for the family. The couple could face mid-life crisis at any moment. Meanwhile, the crazy sister-in-law KAN YIK DAN (Joyce Tang) loses control after falling out of love and marries Malaysian-Chinese NG LOK TIN (Hanjin Tan). The groom flies over to Hong Kong, but the different culture collides, which leads to no day of peace in the SUEN household. This sitcom brings endless laughs every day... (Translation by aZnangel)
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