Dicey Business - 賭場風雲
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A talented card player, Chai Foon-Cheung (Bobby Au Yeung),entered a worldwide poker tournament when he was 18 years old and wasregarded as a favorite. However, due to the follies of youth, Cheungwas seduced by Lam Siu-Yan (Florence Kwok), who was his rival competitor, Kiu Ching-Chor’s (Michael Miu)girlfriend. Due to the distraction, Cheung also became separated fromhis three year old younger brother. In the final tournament, Cheungcould not concentrate on his game and forfeited the competition. Sincethen, Cheung's life had turned up-side down and he became a gamblingaddict in The Philippines. Fate decided that Cheung was able to bringhis life back up and become good friends with him, being united by ChowFook-Wing (Benz Hui). Cheung works as a gardener at the Onisac casino and discovers that Chor is the casino's CEO.

One night, Li Ching-Wan (Jessica Hsuan)gambles at the casino. Chor and Cheung bets whether Wan will leave thecasino. Cheung loses the bet and must return to Hong Kong to start anew life. On the flight to Hong Kong, Cheung is surprised to see Wan onthe plane. Wan is being chased by loan sharks and she sells her phoneto Cheung. Once they arrive, Cheung asks Wan to bring him to Mong Kok,where he lived before he left. At Mong Kok, Wan steals all of Chueng'smoney to pay off her debts she owes, repaying him by letting him rentout the apartment next door, also owned by Wan. Inside the apartment,Cheung finds several bags of garbage and junk, and Cheung Lor-Fu (Bosco Wong), a 23-year-old man, who is afraid of the outside world.

Through fateful events, Cheung finds out that Fu is his missingbrother. Cheung, finding his brother a social outcast, encourages himto become more open. However, Fu is scared and runs away bring him tomeet Chor. Chor teaches him that if he doesn't want to be stared at,stare back at the person. Chor soon becomes Fu's idol after gainingtrust and confidence from his mentor. Chor informs Cheung that Fu isstaying at the casino residence and Chor returns back to ThePhilippines. One day Cheung asks Wan to take care of Fu; butunfortunately, Wan and her friend take Fu to the casino floor, and theyfind out that Fu has the uncanny ability to memorize all the 52 cardsand their position, just by watching the dealer shuffle.

Soon, everyone becomes entangled with personal problems: Cheungtrying to lead Fu in the right way and getting his "good luck" back.Chor cheats in a gamble, which is being taped. He has to conform to badpeople by secretly stealing Onisac's money, soon being consumed bygreed. Wan, deciding who to fall in love with: Cheung or Chor. Fu,struggling to become a dealer and learning how to gamble properly. Andfinally, Wing, who wants to reunite Chor and Cheung's friendship.