The Glorious Era - 光荣时代
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A story that follows the first generation of People's Public Security. Zheng Chaoyang engages in a battle of wits and will against Kuomintang operatives even if it is against his own brother.  

Before the battle of Liaoshen, Communist operative Zheng Chaoyang (Zhang Yi) who had infiltrated the Beiping police had no choice but to retreat after his identity was discovered. In his escape, he was able to take with him a list that can deal a detrimental blow to the Kuomintang.  

After Beiping's liberation, Zheng Chaoyang returns to the city. However, waiting for him is a new battlefield. The Kuomintang has dispatched a team of elite spies operating under codename Taoyuan. At the helm is Zheng Chaoyang's older brother Zheng Chaoshan (Huang Zhizhong) who is a famous doctor.  

 辽沈战役前夕,隐藏在北平警察局里的地下党员郑朝阳因叛徒出卖不得已紧急撤退。同时带走了国民党精心准备的地下潜伏名单。郑朝阳来到西柏坡参加了接管城市的学习班,而他历尽艰险带回的名册则给北平地区潜伏的国民党特务毁灭性的打击。国民党不得已启动了全部由“冷棋”特工组成的特别行动小组,代号桃园。而 “桃园”的负责人,是郑朝阳的哥哥,北平青年促进会总干事,著名医生郑朝山。北平和平解放,郑朝阳重返北京城。他面对的不仅仅是残存的潜伏特务和数万国民党散兵游勇,还有神秘的“桃园”行动组,和代号凤凰的哥哥郑朝山。兄弟两人各自代表自己的阶级开始了针锋相对的对抗。两人明里是好兄弟,暗中使出浑身解数,对抗不断升级。最终,桃园行动组彻底覆灭。北京城发生了翻天覆地的变化。每个人都像是浴火重生一样,眼中充满的希望。