Fire of Eternal Love (Cantonese) - 烈火如歌
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Ru Ge Lie (Dilraba Dilmurat, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) is the heiress of the Huo Lie Manor. A kind and bright girl with little experience of the world, she loves her family deeply and doesn’t know anything about the big betrayal in her past. Ru Ge Lie was switched at birth, and has grown up not knowing who she truly is. But just because you don’t know your destiny doesn’t mean you can escape it.

  FengZhan (Vin Zhang, The King’s Woman) is the oldest disciple of the Huo Lie Manor. Stoic and lacking a sense of humor, Feng Zhan has loved Ru GeLie since childhood. But, like Ru Ge Lie, his life has also been the product of deception. He was the boy switched with Ru Ge Lie at birth, and this lie is just part of the nefarious plan against the warrior.

  ZiHan Yu (Liu Ruilin, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) is the son of the Emperor and Ru Ge Lie’s closest friend. However, unlike regular emperors-to-be, he is a weak man and easily harmed by the politics of the castle. Possessing neither his his hearing nor his ability to walk, Zi Han Yu lives in the Huo Lie Manor, away from the politics of the castle.

  Xue Yin (Vic Chou) is a martial arts expert. Mysterious and tough to read, he is a man of many skills and identities. As he grows closer to Ru Ge Lie, Xue Yin becomes her sworn protector. But his motivations are not always clear.

 These four don’t realize that they are toys at the hands of the nefarious Ye Luo An (Yi Lai, Negotiator), owner of the He An Palace, and his deceptive sister Ye Jue An (Gong Beibi, Ice Fantasy). It was Ye Luo An who switched Ru Ge Lie and Feng Zhan at birth. He now wants to once again wreck their lives.  

 As she finds her world crumbling, Ru Ge Lie soon has to realize that the lives of her friends and loved ones are in danger, and the only way to save them is to make her enemies feel the flame. 

Also known as ”Agni Cantabile,“ The Flame‘s Daughter is based on the novel of the same name by Ming Xaio Xi. It is directed by Liang Sheng Quan (The Mystic Nine) and produced by Gao Shen (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms).

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