Shuttle Love Millennium (Cantonese) - 相愛穿梭千年貳:月光下的交換
Can you get your life back in 80 years? Sun Qi Long (Wei Da Xun) is a rich party boy living in 2016. But his life is turned upside down when he accidentally switches bodies with a legendary chef, Zhang Zhi Gang, who lives in 1936. Two women, Wang Lin (Janice Man) and Fang Si Yi (PuffGuo), play an instrumental role in the two men’s new lives. But can they figure out how their two lives, 80 years apart, are related and find their way back to their own lives? “Shuttle Love Millennium” is a 2016-2017 Chinese drama series directed by South Korean director Kim Byung Soo. It is a sequel to “Love Through the Millennium” (2015), whichwas based on the popular Korean drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man” (2012), also directed by Kim Byung Soo.

活在不同世界、長相相同的兩個男人,他們時空交換到了對方生活的世界。1936年,生活在抗戰前夕時期上海的西餐廳主廚張志剛和2016年,世界大型企業億達集團的纨绔富二代孫祺龍,在他們身上發生了前所未有的“交換”穿越 。